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Historic Purdue University Calumet




These are historic Purdue University Calumet photos of general interest that run about a 50 year time span.



Items in the Historic Purdue University Calumet Collection

Architect’s blueprints for Center Building (Millard E. Gyte Science Building)
sketch of the blueprints for the Center Building (Millard E. Gyte Science Building) by Walter, Scholer, and Associates Architects, (West) Lafayette, Indiana

Carl H. Elliot and Charles H. Hutton accepting library book donation from American Society for Testing and Materials<br /><br />
In 1964, the Chicago District Council of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) donated technical literature, valued at approximately $500, to the library at the Calumet Campus. This picture was taken to accompany its news release.…

Millard E. Gyte sitting in chair<br /><br />
Millard E. Gyte, Director of Purdue University Calumet Campus with beard sitting in a chair. Gyte grew a beard to commemorate the Centennial celebration of Hammond’s settlement in 1851.

Portrait of Charles H. Lawshe<br /><br />
Portrait of Charles H. Lawshe, and administrator from the West Lafayette campus. Lawshe is most well-known on the Calumet campus for his efforts to expand the Technical Extension Divisions of Purdue University into Regional Campuses which offered…

Portrait of Edward D. Anderson<br /><br />
Portrait of Edward D. “Del” Anderson, Executive Vice President of NIPSCO, President of the Hammond City Planning Commission, Chairman of the Purdue Advisory Committee; Most well-known at Purdue University Calumet for encouraging West Lafayette to…

YJean Chambers and Daniel Dunn in office<br /><br />
YJean Chambers, Head of Communications Department, and Daniel Dunn, Professor of Communications, sitting at a desk in an office

1947 Graduating Class
Hammond Technical Institute graduating class of 1947 receiving their Associate Technical Aide diplomas in Hammond, Indiana.

Profile of Charles B. Tinkham<br /><br />
Profile portrait of Charles B. Tinkham, professor of English at Purdue University Calumet

Candid portrait of Charles B. Tinkham
Candid portrait of Charles B. Tinkham, professor of English at Purdue University Calumet, while speaking