The Helen Davis Christmas Card Collection

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The Helen Davis Christmas Card Collection


In the 1960s, Gary Indiana resident James Davis wrote a letter to the Post-Tribune, asking readers to mail his wife, Helen, Christmas Cards, as his unique and quirky gift to her.

After being published in the Post-Tribune, his letter was soon picked up by the Associated Press, and then went world wide. Soon, Helen would receive thousands of Christmas and Holiday cards from around the Globe.

The purpose of this exhibit is to preserve the legacy of Helen and James Davis and to demonstrate how one letter turned into thousands of small acts of Holiday Cheer. This collection displays images of the Davis family and several images of the cards sent to Helen.

Items in the The Helen Davis Christmas Card Collection Collection

The People Behind the Cards
Hundreds of people sent cards to the Davis family every year. Over time, the photographs of these individuals have been separated from the original card they sent. This section is dedicated to the individuals that shared their holiday spirit with the…

The story of Helen Davis also gained attention from celebrities from across the United States. Many were kind enough to send signed photographs and Christmas cards to the Davis family.

Even politicians got in on the holiday spirit and sent the Davis family cards and photographs. This includes not only U.S. politicians, but also officials from around the world.